Winter is already here with us. Apart from shoveling ice from the driveway early in the morning, there must be other ways to take good care of your car. It is imperative to note that car depreciation tends to accelerate during winter due to either neglect form the owners or the ice/frost taking its toll on the car. You don’t want your car to lose value, or do you? Here are 4 winter hacks that will make your car thank you.

Wash your car regularly

Life hack-wash your car regularly
During winter, salt and ice are always present on the roads. If you happened to go to school, it’s a no-brainer that salt accelerates rusting. Having said that, it is of vital importance to make sure you clean your car at least once a day. This winter hacks essentially say, ” a wash a day keeps the mechanic away”, sort of.


Protect your wiper blades

Most drivers care less about the state of their cars’ wiper blades. Keeping in mind the wear and tear that comes with winter, a decision not to replace wiper blades can actually work against you. First things first, winter is synonymous with low visibility and hence, worn out wiper blades won’t effectively wipe the falling snow from your windscreen which can have disastrous consequences.

In the auto world, it’s a common practice to replace wiper blades after 6 months. If you haven’t replaced your wiper blades since the start of the year, this may be the best time to get this winter hack done. In addition, if you park outside, make sure to leave the wipers in a vertical position. If you leave them in a horizontal position, rain residue is likely to “glue” them to the windshield.

Check your battery

Life hack-change your batteryAlthough winter goes hand in hand with the holiday season, it’s unfortunately not a holiday for your double cabin truck.. Have you ever been late to an appointment just because your car failed to start? Well, your battery may be the reason. Imagine getting stuck in the countryside after the Christmass break just because your car battery decided to act up. Doesn’t sound pretty, right? If your battery has been weak during the summer, to avoid countless hard starts, I can only advice you to replace the battery.

To check whether your battery is worn out or not, you can use a voltmeter and compare the output voltage to the rated voltage. If there is a significant difference between the two, your battery is undoubtedly worn out.

Keep your windows clean

If you don’t have a clean line of sight, chances are that you are not only a danger to yourself but also to other drivers.
However, don’t make the mistake of using those new wipers to clear the frost off your windscreen. Instead, follow our winters hack and easily remove the frost using an ice scraper.



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