I decided to add another post about this subject because I’ve come to realize it’s a bigger topic than I think most people understand. You’ll often hear people complaining about their bad luck in poker on poker forums, or your poker buddy bitching to you about how the poker Gods have recently cursed him. And while we’re all going to go on bad runs from time to time, I think we all know we’re just fooling ourselves. The reality is we just aren’t playing well enough.


Most decent poker players have pretty big egos, and the ego of course doesn’t like to be wrong. It doesn’t like not succeeding, and it will be damned if it has to admit it’s screwing up. No… it has to be that bad luck!


And yes, bad luck will influence short term results. However, there’s just a lot of profitable spots we’re missing. I do some free group coaching with some members of Cardschat about once a week. I know a lot of them will tell you this if you asked. I’m often going, “uhhh, uhh.. wait..” and there’s a fold before I can even get the words out. I used to experience this all of the time with my paid students when I did more poker coaching back in the day as well. Every time it was a profitable smallish pot spot. But you’d be surprised how many of these can pop up within one session, and how much they can add to your long term win rate if you aren’t passing them by.


I’ve done a few videos on this before in the past. I dug one up off our poker youtube channel that I think fits pretty well. These are some common simple small pot spots you shouldn’t be passing up. It’s a good starting point, and my initial post here also has some good pointers. I posted this back in 2011… yeah, and it all still applies (a question I get on a lot of content I’ve put up before). 🙂





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