I am pretty sure you have stumbled across numerous poker success stories. Even before the advent of online poker, stories of poker players who left their 8-5 jobs to play poker full-time were already strewn all over the web. Well, there are several advantages and disadvantages of playing poker full-time.

Are you planning to venture into poker full-time? Well, before you make that important decision, read on to know some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing poker full-time.


Advantages and Disadvantages of playing poker full-time



#1 Flexible

Unlike your conventional job, playing poker full-time allows you to set your own hours.

Even though you may be inclined to play poker during a specific time of day, you can choose to play poker during the day or during the night. Also, it is imperative to note that you will be your own boss and hence you don’t have to report to anyone.

The freedom and flexibility offered by poker make management of other life aspects easier. You can even decide to do something else on the side to supplement your poker income.


#2 Crazy earning potential

For years on end, professional poker players have been making big money. Provided you know what you are doing and have a little luck, you can easily make a couple hundred dollars in less than 5 minutes.

However, the amount of money you make on the felt goes hand in hand with your skill level. The more skilled you are, the higher is the earning potential.


Disadvantages of playing poker full-time

Before you quit your 8-5 job, you may have to consider some of the disadvantages of playing poker fulltime.


#1 Variance, Variance, Variance!

One of the drawbacks of playing poker for a living is variance. In layman terms, variance is the monster that makes sure you can’t beat a game full-time. You may post an impressive run of results, but at some point, variance kicks in and you make a few losses.

Just like anything else life has to offer, poker has upswings and downswings. Variance is responsible for the latter. If a downswing seriously decimates your bankroll, your poker quality may be affected.

That’s why it is always advisable to manage your bankroll for a robust poker career.

In addition, it is worth noting that downswings not only affect your bankroll but can also affect you emotionally. Therefore, you have to be prepared always, lest your game is affected.


#2 Poker is also demanding

If you think playing poker is not as tedious as your job, think again. Playing in a loud casino for several hours a day can be tedious in the long run. It is especially so if you have to commute to your local casino on a daily basis.

Also, some live poker tournaments may take several hours with only a few short breaks in between. At the end of the day, you are likely to be fatigued and in some cases, have nothing to show for your efforts.



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