Poker is no ordinary game. With so much money involved, scandals and controversies are bound to happen. The history of Poker is awashed in scams, frauds, squandered money and embezzlement. Following are some of the biggest scandals in the history of Poker. Learn from these examples and always put your money in online Poker wisely.

The MSN Messenger Poker Hack

The MSN Messenger scam involved a mysterious stranger who played online with famous Poker players Patrick Antonius and Johnny Lodden. After beating these two players and getting their attention, the mysterious player asked both of them to add him on MSN messenger, only to hack their computers and compromise all of their data and private information.

“God Mode” Scam

In 2008, authorities in the US started an investigation after several disgruntled skilled Poker players complained that they kept losing every game they played on a Poker website, Ultimate Bet Poker. Later investigations revealed that a former Poker champion Russ Hamilton was using a software named “God Mode” to strip thousands of Poker players of their money.  Hamilton made millions of dollars by secretly stalking Poker players information and manipulating their moves. Investigators also found out that the administration of Ultimate Bet knew of this plot, and Hamilton wasn’t acting alone.

PokerSpot Scandal

This poker scandal is about the famous Poker website,, and its founder Dutch Boyd. PokerSpot used to be a famous Poker website, where players deposited their money with trust. But all these Poker players were shocked one day when PokerSpot went off-grid abruptly, leaving no sign of their money. The PokerSpot fiasco was never solved and the lost money was never recovered. That’s why you should always make sure that the website you are entrusting your money with is authorized by the Gaming commission.

drivehud poker hud

Casino Kiosk Exploit

In 2012, around 15 people were arrested and charged on stealing about a million dollars from Casino kiosks in Nevada and California. These people had exploited a loophole on a Casino’s electronic security system. They found out that the system gave 60 seconds switch period in which you could make withdrawals without strong checks.

PokerStars Scandal

This scandal involves famous names like PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker, which were shut down and indicted by the FBI in 2011 on violations of UIGEA and operating an illegal gambling business. Two of the three companies went out of business, and Absolute Poker’s parent company filed for bankruptcy. Full Tilt squandered nearly $400 million in worldwide deposits as a result of this case. The only company that paid back their customers was PokerStars, and settled with the Department of Justice for a whopping $731 million.

Lock Poker Fraud

Lock Poker failed to make payments to its customers and went down in 2015. According to an estimate, it went away with over $15 million in payments to its users. The website failed mainly due to overspending and corruption by its CEO Jen Larson.


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