Emma Fryer, the famous Poker player from the UK, has been killed in a fatal car accident in Czech Republic. She was killed whilst going to the World Series Tournament Czech Republic. The cause of the accident was major fog. According to the authorities, Fryer was using the GPS on her mobile device to navigate her friend, who was driving the car, through the fog. But unfortunately, the GPS didn’t show a big roundabout that was on their way. The car crashed into the concrete roundabout. Fryer’s friend is in the hospital. Emma Fryer’s sister, Liz Carter, said that there was no fault of the driver. It was “just a tragic accident” and had the GPS shown the roundabout, Fryer would have been alive.

The 48-year old Poker player had recently left her job to play Poker full-time. She managed to earn the confidence of several backers who had pledged to support her financially after she left the job.

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Emma Fryer entered the Poker industry when she got a job at Bet365, a UK-based gambling company which has over 19 million customers in almost two hundred countries. Fryer kept working on her Poker skills during her job. After 13 years of working at Bet365, she left the company and started playing Poker full-time.

Fryer managed to win about $100,000 in her Poker career. She was just getting started. She had got the focus she needed and was winning almost every match she participated.

Fryer celebrated the marriage of her daughter a few months back. According to the family, Fryer was every excited about becoming a grandparent, as she had recently learnt about her daughter’s pregnancy.

Emma Fryer’s body will be flown back to the UK from Czech Republic on November 15.