Online poker and live poker offer different gaming experiences. Depending on which side of the fence you are leaning on, the quality of gaming can be on either end of the spectrum. To that end, we have compiled an article on the differences between online and live poker. Read on.


Differences between Online and Live Poker

#1 Money

Even though money is synonymous with poker, it is more important in online poker. Well, the vast majority in most online poker rooms are young people. Therefore, to them, making money is the main objective. Their starting capital is small and may find it hard to meet the capital requirements needed to play in a live game. Therefore, most, if not all, indulge in poker to eke out a living.

On the other hand, unlike in online poker, most participants are able to manage a full live bankroll. In addition, money may not be the main motivating factor. Some play to have fun, either with friends or with other players.


#2 The Rake

Do you know how online poker rooms make money? Do you know that the profitability of poker is determined by the rake?

By definition, the rake is the money taken by a poker room from every pot, open or otherwise.

Poker rooms make money by taking a fraction off a pot. Usually, the rake grows linearly with the size of the pot. Meaning that a poker room stands to more money as the pot continues to grow. However, there is usually a ceiling beyond which the rake can’t rise. It can be anything between $2 and $5 per hand.

On the flip side, most land-based casinos, instead of the rake, may charge you for the time spent at a table. Meaning that, the more you spend time in a casino, the more you have to pay. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose.


#3 Pace of Play

Another one of the differences between online and live poker is the pace of play. Live poker is usually slower compared to online poker. In that, you are likely to play more hands online than on a live table. You are likely to play around 30 hands in an hour at a live table, give or take a few hands. However, the number of hands you can play in an hour may be doubled in online poker.

Usually, on a live table, the play is interrupted when new players join and/or when players converse with each other. Also, it is worth noting that you can play multiple tables online while you are limited to one table at a time in live poker. More tables mean more hands played and hence a higher earning potential.



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