Doug Polk and controversy go hand in hand. He seems to enjoy trolling and his latest victim, Charlie Carrel, is bearing the brunt of full-on trolling.

So, why is the internet troll feuding with a self-proclaimed millionaire?


Context of the beef

The beef started a few months ago. The rain started beating Carrel when, for some odd reason, tried to defend child molesters.

According to him, child molestation statistics can be significantly lowered when we show more empathy for child molesters. The twitter post attracted a lot of attention from the poker community including Polk. Well, in my own opinion, the post by Carrel was way off the mark but did it warrant a protracted feud with Polk?


Doug Polk fires the first shot

If you have been following Polk on Youtube, you know that he can be a little over the top when feuding with poker players. Well, recently, Polk has been uploading videos aimed at analyzing poker hands in select tournaments. At the moment, he has already uploaded 10 such videos.

One of the hands that he analyzed was between Patrik Antonius and Charlie Carrel at the Triton London Series. In the hand, Antonius sees through Carrel’s bluff and Carrel loses a lot of chips. In the follow-up in-depth analysis, Polk deviates from the norm and takes several subtle jabs at Carrel for defending child molesters. Polk even at some point declares that he has no empathy for child molesters and hence could not subscribe to Carrel’s school of thought.

“I do not have empathy for child molesters. I can’t believe I even have to say that.”-Polk

He also claims that Carrel was just attention-seeking.

“What Charlie was trying to do was say something to get people riled up so that he can get attention over it and then act like he’s the victim,”-Polk


Carrel threatens to sue

Carrel just couldn’t get himself to sit back and threatened to sue Polk. Well, it appears Polk is not afraid of litigation. In a series of sarcastic tweets, he directly mocks Carrel and he even posted a fake lawsuit.

In one tweet, he claimed to have taken down the video out of fear of being sued. But it was a sarcastic jab at Charlie. The video is still up and views continue going up by the day.



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