Apparently, at least one thing is common in Poker and Stock trading: the nonsensical stigma that these two are mostly the games of chance and not skill. But on a deeper level, Poker and Stock trading are intertwined. The skills needed in Poker and stock trading are very much common. Doyle Brunson argues in his famous book “Super System” that Poker players can make a lot of money using their skills in the stock market. For example, Spread Betting is a technique in stock trading and thousands of investors make a lot of money daily using this strategy. Poker players can do spread betting easily because the skills needed for this type of trading are precisely the ones that a good Poker player has.

Famous investors, including David Einhorn, Steve Cohen, Steve Schonfeld, and Carl Ichan used to be Poker players before they started investing.

Here’s why Poker players have the potential to make truckloads of money in the stock market.

Probability Skill

Stock markets are teeming with uncertainty, and a trader must keenly calculate the risks with proven probability tricks to figure out the best way to invest or play with the market. Poker players develop and instinct and skill of carefully calculating the risks and gauging the odds. If you can get an idea and the probability of success during a game, chances are you’ll be an excellent investor in the stock market.

drivehud poker hud

Patience, Control and Calm

Perhaps the best skill Poker players have is patience and control. Have you seen panicky investors going haywire on the floor in stock exchanges, staring emphatically at screens? Those scenes show the stress and risks involved in the stock market. Poker players can handle risks and stress quite professionally because they know how to control their body language and how to remain calm when things go South. If you can keep you calm during bad news around the company you have invested in, and wait for the right time to buy or sell a stock, you can earn a fortune in the market, because it’s all about patience.

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Accepting Change

Stock markets are like rollercoasters, and if a trader isn’t comfortable with change, he is bound to fail. Poker players learn to get comfortable with change, and they never resist it. Poker players learn to make efforts persistently. They are always ready for a change. This is what makes a Poker player suitable for stock trading.

Identifying “The Nuts”

Poker players are aware of “The Nuts”, a term used for the best and profitable hands. Gamblers wait and get the most out of the useful hands. Similarly in stock trading, if you feel you have invested in the right stock and things are going your way, you will not just settle for, say, 40% gain. A poker player will wait and let the company play out its moves.



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