As we discussed in the previous article, hand review is critical for correcting your leaks and improving your game. Well of course it is. We both know that’s true, but what can we do to make this review process more efficient and interesting? That’s the question I found asking myself when we went over interface designs for Leak Buster 4. One of my favorite new features in Leak Buster 4 is the pop-out equity calculator. It puts everything I tend to use the most all in one convenient place, and includes some cool features.

When you’re in step 1 of Leak Buster, any leak you have that has a hands tab you can launch an equity calculation from. Just right click on a hand and click “Run Equity Calculation”. Leak Buster will then ask you where you want to run the calculation from. It’s asking you this because based on how the hand was played, it will auto generate an opponent(s) hand range for you. Nice! Now, instead of looking at a hand in Holdem Manager, and then opening up Poker Stove or a similar equity calculator, punching in all of the hand and flop data, and ranges, it’s all there automatically.

From there you can change your opponents range, put in another player, enter a bluff calculation, or export the hand to a forum format with the equity calculation or without. It makes everything much easier. There’s a lot of hands that I wanted to know what my equity was versus my opponents range, but I never wanted to take the time to input everything. Now, when I’m going over my leaks in Leak Buster 4, I can do it all in a couple of clicks.

LB equity

This is a new part of Leak Buster 4 I use all of the time now. I’m always looking over my own game, and even when I’m pretty sure I made a good semi-bluff or shove in a narrow spot, it’s nice to verify that information against my opponents range.

One thing the calculator doesn’t do is auto weight hand ranges. If I’m against someone really nitty, I’ll click on the automated hand range for that opponent and adjust some of the eight particular ranges up or down. You can do that by clicking on the range button for your opponent, then clicking on preflop. Then find a hand you want to adjust and right click on it. Then select the appropriate weight from the default selections or enter a custom weight. It will then change the color of hand on the preflop hand chart.

If you haven’t been using it, give it a try. It will make review a lot easier, and make you a lot more thoughtful about the ranges you’re facing. Remember that if you do not own Leak Buster there is still a non-expiring, limited free trial included so you can get an idea of how it works.

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