Things could go pretty “crappy” at casinos, especially when you are in the middle of a tough Poker tournament. Last week, a casino in Danville, Kentucky expelled poker player, accusing him of allegedly pooping in his pants.

Tyler, who didn’t reveal his last name to the media outlets, claims that the casino falsely accused him of pooping his pants. Tyler says that this was done during the $1,000 giveaway at the Casino. He says that the casino did this to save their money. On the other hand, the Casino’s spokesman said that three people saw Tyler throwing out his underwear which was full of poop. These people also complained to the Casino authorities that Tyler smelled.

Tyler says that he had won the $2,000 as part of the contest that was going on at the casino. He alleges that he was thrown out because the casino didn’t want to pay him. He also says that he felt extremely “embarrassed” at this drama. Tyler says that he is a regular at the Jack casino. He went to the bathroom to pee. On his way back, the security stopped him. Tyler even showed them his underwear, but they didn’t budge.

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Jack casino, in which this “crappy” incident took place, released a statement claiming that they have a “visual evidence” to support their claim, but they won’t reveal it until a court orders them to do so. The statement also said that the casino wanted to ensure a clean and sanitary environment for the other customers.

Tyler, however, was quick to show visual evidences to prove his point. He took a picture of his pants and posted online.

Tyler had traveled to the Jack casino around two hours to take part in the Texas Holdem’. He is still considering his options. He said in an interview that there should be some kind of humiliation for the casino for accusing him of something he didn’t do. He also challenged the casino to show the media the camera footage of that night. But the casino didn’t respond.


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