The Perkins vs Tice matchup is one of a kind. Landon Tice is a professional poker player while Bill Perkins is more of a recreational player. At first glance, Landon Tice seems like the obvious victor. However, at the moment, Tice is in danger of losing to Perkins after failing to beat the handicap.


Tice Vs Perkins Challenge terms

Similar to the Polk Vs Negreanu challenge, Tice and Perkins will play $200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em. However, they will play a relatively smaller number of hands.  They agreed to play 20,000 hands. In addition, the players agreed not to allow limping.

Since there exists an obviously big skill gap between the two players, before the start of the challenge, Tice agreed to give Perkins a head start of 9 big blinds for every 100 hands. Cumulatively, Perkins will have a head start of $720,000 over 20,000 hands.


Tice Vs Perkins results so far

So far, the challenge has been a roller coaster, especially for Landon Tice. Before the tournament started, Landon Tice was the early favorite by a huge margin. He was expected to crush the 9BB/100 handicap from the get-go. Therefore, his performance on each session has to be above 9BB/100 to break even.

Well, with Tice giving up so much EV and Perkins exceeding expectations, the odds of winning this challenge continue to narrow with each session.

Up to this point, Tice is averaging a little more than 7.5BB/100 hands which are 1.5BB short. However, it is imperative to consider the number of hands played is very low.

They have played a total of 3728 hands so far over 9 sessions. They are currently averaging 414 hands per session. This means that, if the trend continues, they have roughly about 48 more sessions to go to reach the 20,000 marks.

Therefore, even though Tice is still not hitting his primary target to break even, it is still early to call it. From the data above, they still have 16,272 hands to go. It can go either way.


Perkins exceeding expectations

With Perkins being more of a recreational player, odds were stacked against him. However, considering how he has played so far, many may be of the opinion that he misrepresented his handicap.

Some of Tice’s supporters, however, could hear none of it.




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