This is John Anhalt, I decided to start a blog with this reasons in mind.

1) I like to write.

2) I have tons to say.

3) I want to get better about sharing my experience.

I’ve always been a pretty private person, so my hope is that this will push me to open that part of myself up, grow, and add some entertaining reading to those who stop by and check it out.

About Me

For those that don’t know me, my name is John Anhalt. I’ve been a professional poker player for over 10 years now. I started the company Ace Poker Solutions 6 years ago in hopes of evolving my own game, having a stable income source for my family, and teaching others a trade that they can use throughout their life.

It’s been a fun ride this past decade. Lots of ups and downs, that’s for sure. Black Friday being a really big down for poker players, and in my case it was a bit of a double whammy since my bankroll was lost and my business eventually cut in half.

I’m now 40 years old, and just got married a little less than a year ago. My one year anniversary is coming up in June. I have two children, Destan (boy age 5), Jadyn (girl age 9) from a previous relationship. I was not married legally, but more or less was. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to get married ever, but that did change when I finally met the right person, my wife Susan.

Currently I’d consider myself a part time poker player. I play enough to keep up with the games, but I’m not playing at a level that I used to. Even though the games are much tougher than they used to be a few years ago, I’m playing way under where I probably should for a couple of reasons. 1) I don’t want to lose my roll again (I’m considering it lost forever at this point, it was a nice chunk of change on absolute poker), 2) I almost thought I lost my second roll post black friday when it took me 11 months to cash out my bankroll from another site. So… now I mainly play 100nl/200nl 6-max and full ring cash games. I don’t have to keep a lot online to play at those stakes, and I can play very casually and not think too hard. 🙂

My hopes for this blog:

Provide some life anecdotal stories… hopefully some fun and inspiring things.

Give some good poker tips and lessons.

Discuss some hands and tricky spots.

Share the in’s and out’s of the business of being in business.


Feel free to contact me, comment, and send me money. Especially the last part. 🙂 Cheers to blogging…. hope to hear from you soon!



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