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    DriveHUD 2 Public beta – v2.0.0.5720:
    Re-post with correct link.


    – Fixed the issue when sometimes PokerBros hands weren’t imported
    – Show stat abbreviation is checked by default
    – Show vs. hero stat/iterations in line bar tool
    – Fixed user pop-up name collision problem when importing HUD layouts
    – Fixed stat loading for child user pop-ups
    – Fixed the issue when population report couldn’t be refreshed in some cases
    – Fixed the issue when stats for short deck weren’t properly calculated
    – Fixed incorrect Fold to M-N C-Bet stats
    – Fixed incorrect Fold to River Bet M-N stats
    – Add new stats:
    3-Bet River%
    Raise River C-Bet%
    Fold to Raise after River C-Bet%
    River C-Bet SRP%
    Call River C-Bet SRP%
    Raise River C-Bet SRP%
    Fold to Raise after River C-Bet SRP%
    Call Turn C-Bet in 3-Bet Pot%
    Raise Turn C-Bet in 3-Bet Pot%
    Fold to Raise after Turn C-Bet in 3-Bet Pot%
    Bet-Fold Flop IP SRP%
    Bet-Fold Flop OOP SRP%
    Fold to Flop Donk Bet SRP%
    Raise Turn Donk Bet%
    Call River Float%
    Call Flop Float%
    Call Flop 3-Bet%
    Donk River%
    Donk River in 3-Bet Pot%
    Float River%
    Raise River Donk Bet%
    Fold to River Donk in 3-Bet Pot%
    Call River Donk Bet%
    Call River 3-Bet%
    Fold to River Donk Bet%
    Fold to River Float%
    Fold to River 3-Bet%
    Donk River SRP%
    Fold to River Donk SRP%
    Donk Turn in 3-Bet Pot%
    Fold to Turn Donk in 3-Bet Pot%
    Call Turn Donk Bet%
    Call Turn Float%
    Call Turn 3-Bet%
    Fold to Turn Donk Bet%
    Fold to Turn Donk Bet SRP%
    Fold to Turn Float%
    Fold to Flop Float Bet%
    Fold to Flop 3-Bet%
    Donk Fold to a Raise on Flop%
    Donk Fold to a Raise%
    Cold Call PFR%
    Cold Call PFR EP%
    Cold Call PFR MP%
    Cold Call PFR CO%
    Cold Call PFR BTN%
    Call Preflop 2-Bet MP%

    Important: Stats rebuild is required to properly handle some of the new stat additions. To do that you click the stop button on the HUD tab, and then click on the config button (gear looking icon) at the top right, scroll down to where it says rebuild stats and click. Depending on DB size it will take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

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