56 Notes for Better Poker – By: Russell Blattberg

#1 note: Get in the habit of when you bet, making bigger bets because this will result in betting less frequently.

#2 note: when you bet either bet for value or bet as a bluff (of course its ok to merge these 2 concepts but be careful and make sure you strong arguments as to why you should be merging.

#3 note: for every action you should have MINIMUM 2 logical reasons!

#4 note: when you 3b you should either have a hand thats too weak to call or too strong to call.

#4 note: when you 3b make sure you have a plan vs 4b and plan for flop line if called.

#5 note: keep your hands away from mouse keyboard (betting line- separate yourself from the action).

#6 note: #WWRD (what would russell do?).

#7 note: “pay the clicker” verbalize all your decisions and then tell the clicker what to do (only click a button once you have already thought it through and made your decision).

#8 note: when you overbet polarize only if you think your opponent will think your are FOS when you have it or think you are REAL when you don’t. Over bet merge when your opponent thinks are polarized and can either fold better/ call worse.

#9 note: when you limp- limp with hands with either next to no implied odds that you want to play cheaply with good position i.e. K6, limp with hands with good implied odds that you don’t want to be pushed off of i.e. 75s, or limp with strong hands/premiums that play well multi way ATs, KJs that you don’t want to be pushed off.

#10 note: limp/rr very powerful with this strategy… Limp rr to create folds/ for value… To create folds hand like KJ off, semi bluff value 65dd where u think someone’s range is weak, or with value hands like QQ – what is our plan if called on various flops? plan if we are 4b?

#11 note: dont bet what your hand is worth- bet what their hand is worth to them (or when you are bluffing know how much its not worth in order to create folds).

#12 note: BREATHE: take a beat take a breath.

#13 note: BREATHE: win a pot, take a breath.

#14 note: BREATHE: constantly consciously breathe.

#15 note: RELAX if you are nervous people can sense it- BREATHE.

#16 note: Play your A Game – Always.

#17 note: BBB RULE- better hands from better position with better betting = $$$$.

#18 note: It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about you- ALWAYS do what you think is right.

#19 note: listen to the little voice inside you- your intuition will guide you.

#20 note: the cards have a voice and a rhythm- learn to listen the voice will guide you.


#22 note: If you are hungry/tired/frustrated/angry/mentally drained/upset/tilted QUIT OR TAKE A BREAK.

#23 note: Never play when you are “off your game”.

#24 note: The battle is not vs the opponents- they are not real- the battle is with ourself (Fear & Greed).

#25 note: Avoid tripping over your own feet: “running with shoelaces tied together” (leveling yourself, getting fancy) KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

#26 note: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

#27 note: Every mistake represents an opportunity to learn- avoid frustration- SMILE.

#28 note: The happier, calmer, patient, disciplined, “zen like” player will always win.

#29 note: Variance is inevitable, manipulate it and use it to our advantage.

#30 note: What are someone’s life leaks? Are they overweight, nerdy? Use their weaknesses against then and undermine their confidence.

#31 note: Avoid giving any money away- “ship with holes will sink slowly”.

#32 note: The more hands we play correctly the more our opponents will get frustrated.

#33 note: Give to them nothing- take from them EVERYTHING.

#34 note: We are playing poker- this is not a TEAPARTY.

#35 note: It goes up- it goes down… (hills & valleys).

#36 note: Pay me now or pay me later- patience is profit.

#37 note: You only need to win 1 big pot per hour.

#38 note: Do not bluff unless its going to work and you KNOW it.

#39 note: Why do we tilt? Because we didn’t go with our read.

#40 note: We cannot control the cards, only ourselves.

#41 note: You can’t bluff someone who won’t fold.

#42 note: Avoid overplaying your hands.

#43 note: Avoid bluffing too many turns for no reason.

#44 note: Avoid bluffing into mid-pair in general.

#45 note: People will not fold top pair to you on boards where draws miss.

#46 note: Value bet the best hand when opponent can can with worse- value bet bigger to look like a bluff, bluff smaller (less frequently) to look like a thin value bet.

#47 note: Play draws aggressively, but avoid OVERPLAYING them.

#48 note: Avoid calling JUST (see note #3) because something doesn’t make sense – people are tricky and intelligent “know how to rep bluffs”.

#49 note: Avoid re-raising when you have a good to nut type hand in a situation where someone is obviously value betting (avoid repping the nuts when you have the nuts- let them hang themselves).

#50 note: Small re-raises are strong- BELIEVE them.

#51 note: BELIEVE THEM- they usually have it (give people credit)- When people bet small they usually have something may be trying to induce a raise.

#52 note: Stick with your reads- Believe in yourself.

#53 note: Self hypnosis: deep breathing- (in through nose for 5 seconds, hold for 6 seconds, breathe out for 8 seconds).

#54 note: Think about something else besides your hand while you are in a hand- Think of childhood memory- teddy bear, toothbrush, mirror- anything to avoid telecasting your hand to your opponents (counter intuition).

#55 note: All thoughts have an energy and direction.

#56 note: We perceive everything on a subconscious level.