I’m putting together a short video series to accompany some of the concepts I’m talking about in the Polished Poker book series (free poker books). Below if the first video that focuses on positional pressure and spotting high equity bluffing spots. I compare it against some other common spots and talking about equity differences in wet and dry flops. I’m also including the equity exercise I discussed in the video below. Let me know what you think.


Range training exercises w/ Polished Poker:

1) In your poker database, create a date range filter that does NOT include the last 3 months of hands and add a filter to only show hands that go to showdown.
2) In the poker hand grid of your poker database (the section that shows all of the hands played), sort by your biggest hands (wins or losses don’t matter).
3) Open a hand in your replayer. Make sure to turn off – show known hole cards.
4) Replay the hand and estimate your opponents equity on every street. Write down what you think these numbers are for each street (Flop, turn and river), on a piece of paper. Write down on the turn, what you think the top 3 most likely hand your opponent has.
5) Open an equity calculator and enter a range for each street of the hand and compare that to your written results.
6) Rinse and repeat as often as you can.
You can also automate this process with the ace poker drills equity trainer. If you have it or haven’t tried it there’s a free trial and with practice you will become better at estimating equity and hand range. It will take some time so don’t get frustrated. It’s not an exact science, but you consistently want to be in the correct ball park.
Poker Equity Trainer