Ignition Hand Converter – Holdem ONLY


Neither Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker supports the importing of
Ignition poker hand histories into their databases.
Without this information, you’ll never be able to review your hands,
stats, or track your progress.
The Ignition Hand History converter solves this problem by converting hand histories directly from
Ignition Casino, or Bodog into an easily importable
format for use with your Holdem Manager 1/2, Poker Tracker 3/4, or Poker
Office database. Easy to use interface that makes tracking your play on

Ignition Casino simple and easy. Gain all the features of your
database such as session tracking, winrate analysis, graphing,
filtering, and more.

Key Benefits of Ignition Hand Converter

Allows you see all of your opponents known hole cards,
and thus is a great as a study tool. Supports
Ignition zone poker.