Poker community is never short of controversial stories. Some have been in form of life-threatening prop bets with an insane amount of money in between. There always has to be a rich guy dangling the money and a careless individual ready to risk his/her life. It is usually more like a sponsored suicide attempt. In my case, a prop bet that endangers my life is definitely out of question.


But let’s face it, the insane prop bets keep us on the edge of our seats and provide the much-needed entertainment. Having said that, Rich Alati and Rory Young were involved in an extraordinary prop bet.

Well, Rich Alati won the solitary confinement prop bet. Read on for more.


Rich Alati confinement prop bet

The last couple of weeks have been abuzz with Rich Alati and Rory Young insane prop bet.


Below are the terms of the prop bet:

• Alati was to stay in isolation for a whole month( 30 days to be exact)

• Alati was not allowed to use any type of drug.

• No digital devices were allowed; including a simple watch or any other device capable of indicating the time.


• Only basic medical tests were allowed; to show Alati’s amino acids and pre-work supplement.

• The room was supposed to only have the basics; Shower, a mattress, trash and laundry basket, and a fridge.

• Food rations were to be delivered in 3 and 6-day intervals. The intervals were randomized to make sure Alati was not able to tell time.


• Alati was given freedom to request specific food but all requests had to go through Young.

• The loser of the bet was to pay all expenses accrued.

• Alati had to sign a contract that absolved Young from anything that could have happened including “death, disability, blindness, diminished vision, loss of any eye function as well as mental and emotional trauma.”

In addition, Alati was to win 100k if he could have managed to stay in isolation for 30 days.


The buyout

Fortunately, Alati didn’t have to stay in the dimly lit hotel room for 30 days. With 10 days to go, Rory Young figured he was about to lose 100k and offered a buyout. It is reported that during a food delivery on the 20th day, Young found Alati still in good health. He proposed to end the prop bet for $25K. Alati refused the initial offer and only accepted when Young offered $62.4K.

Now, this begs the question, how far can you go for $100k?



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