WSOP 2017 has come to a surprising end, with an obscure player from New Jersey taking home the title. Scott Blumstein won the no-limit Texas Hold ‘em main event on Sunday. He won a total of $8.1 million in the final battle of the grand event, beating Daniel Ott on the 246th hand of the final table.

Who is Scott Blumstein? Scott Blumstein has an accounting degree from Temple University. Prior to becoming the world champion, Scott had a very few poker victories under his belt, the chief of which was winning $199,854 at a  preliminary event at the Borgata Summer Poker Open in July last year. Scott started playing Poker online. He has won about $150,000 in total from online poker matches. His total earnings from Poker had a worth of $300,000 before Sunday.

Besides $8.1 million cash, Scott Blumstein took home a dazzling  bracelet made of white and yellow gold, diamonds and rubies.

WSOP 2017 winner Scott Blumstein prevailed over a whopping 7,221 players, which is a lifetime achievement.

Scott Blumstein’s final hand at WSOP 2017 consisted of an ace of hearts and a two of diamonds, which crushed Daniel Ott’s, who went all in with an ace of diamonds and an eight of diamonds.

drivehud poker hud

The 25-year old player fell to his knees as soon as he won the game. The table where Scott was playing was surrounded by his college friends and family members. All of them were wearing shirts sporting Scott’s name.

Scott Blumstein celebration

Watch this video of video of WSOP 2017 final hand.

Neither Scott Blumstein not his opponent Daniel Ott had ever qualified for the final WSOP table in the past. Ott took home $4.7 million.

In an interview after his victory, Scott gave an advice to all the aspiring poker players.

 “The best way to get better at anything is through repetition and practice,” said Scott.

You can follow Scott Blumstein on Twitter.


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