The age old question on whether poker is better than sports betting has been a conversation starter on major forums. While both certainly have their pros and cons, there exist some essential differences between the two.


Sports Betting Vs Poker

Profit potential

Without a doubt, both online poker and sports betting have insane earnings potential. A professional poker player can make a few million dollars in a single tournament. However, on the other hand, making $1m in sports betting is impossible for average gamblers. It’s a dream only valid to the high rollers.

In sports betting, outcomes are subject to chance and hence it’s always a 50/50 gamble. Therefore, the profit potential is always subject to luck. On the flip side, poker is a game of skill. You can make a killing if you know what you are doing.

In sports betting, the break-even percentage is somewhere in the ballpark of 52%. Therefore, if bettors can maintain a 55% win-rate, they can sustain their betting lifestyle. It would, however, take quite a huge amount of time to win a few thousand dollars. On the other hand, at a $1/$2 table, a player can easily make a few thousand dollars over several sessions.


Player bonuses

Poker, online poker to be specific, has another noticeable edge on sports betting. For anyone looking to build a sizeable bankroll without having to do anything, online poker should be their go-to venture. Usually, online sportsbooks offer deposit, free bets and/or free play bonuses but they definitely can’t match those offered by online poker sites.

Online poker sites offer frequent deposit bonuses and reload bonuses which are larger than online sportsbooks. An average first-time deposit bonus can be between $500-1000. On top of the deposit bonus, players can also enjoy a VIP program of sorts or earn extra income from the rakeback.


Player advancement

Sports betting does not offer enough room to move up levels. It is difficult to increase the bet size without increasing risks against your finances. Even if you increase your bet size substantially, the odds needed to beat the sportsbook remain the same. Scalability of sports betting is subject to the available betting odds.

On the other hand, in poker, when players move up in levels/stakes, they are likely to face a tougher opposition from new opponents. It is worth noting that the playing rules don’t change but the skill of the players changes with each level.


Final word

Sports betting and poker have several noticeable difference as discussed above. Sports betting is always about chance but skill is a necessity to beat sportsbooks. On the other hand, to make a living playing poker, you must be skilled and/or have a little of luck.



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