When a dealer takes the adage “the house always wins” too literal, players are bound to make some losses. Well, in mid-2017, poker players at Sugarhouse casino were on the receiving end after a dealer did not shuffle cards for 16 consecutive hands. However, it didn’t sit well with the casino. As a result, the state regulator imposed fines roughly about $100,000. The fines were inclusive of a penalty. The event allegedly affected the integrity of a poker tournament held in the establishment in 2017.

Sugarhouse is the 3rd biggest poker room in the Keystone State. The casino has a total of 28 tables.

None of the players spoke up!

It was alleged that the dealer, during a poker tournament in 2017, dealt 16 consecutive hands without shuffling the two decks of cards used. However, none of the players spoke up. It is most likely they did not notice or just opted to keep quiet and see how it would have panned out.

Thanks to surveillance footage, it was discovered that although the green light on the automatic shuffler started blinking, the dealer continued to deal cards. Needless to say, the green light is supposed to indicate that something’s wrong. Interestingly, the automatic shuffler was in “sort mode” rather than in “shuffle mode”.

Sort mode sequentially arranges cards in a suited order.

Therefore, the 16 hands were played with unshuffled but suited cards.

The automatic shuffler malfunctioned

According to the casino, there were no signs of collusion. The device malfunctioned on its own. It was only after the 16th hand that the dealer became aware of the situation and immediately informed the supervisor. Then, the device was reset and the tournament continued without any other hiccup.

In addition, the casino said that none of the players was eliminated from the tournament during the affected hands. However, the state regulator “did not identify and did not determine the win/loss record for the patrons during the time that the integrity of the poker game was affected.”


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