Tu Dao has etched her name in the WSOP bracelets book after taking down Event #77: $3,000 Limit Hold’em 6-Handed.

Tu Dao won a gold bracelet and $133,189 after defeating Alain Alinat in heads up play. She becomes the second woman in 2019 WSOP to win a bracelet in an open event.

Before winning her first bracelet, Dao once came close after finishing fourth in the 2019 WSOP ladies event for $52,007.

The event attracted a total of 193 entries and had a $521,100 prize pool. To participate in the event, players had to part with the $3,000 buy-in.

She couldn’t hide her excitement after winning the event.

“I am very excited and happy. My kids are watching, and it makes them very proud.”


Tu Dao takes down the final table

Tu Dao started the final table as the chip leader and after roughly about 90 minutes of play, she managed to extend her chip lead.

As expected, the short stack, Oleg Chebotarev was the first to be sent to the rails. His attempt to double up through Alain Alinat failed to materialize. Chebotarev had pocket nines while Alinat had ace-jack. Alinat flopped two pairs to eliminate Chebotarev. His sixth-place finish earned him $19,687.

Soon after, Jan Suchanek found himself in the thick of things after Ian O’Hara landed a flush to eliminate him in 5th place. Suchanek had king-queen offsuit while O’Hara had queen-eight offsuit. He won $27,251.

After 30 minutes of play, Alinat eliminated Chad Eveslage in fourth place. After flopping two pairs, Eveslage pushed all his chips towards the middle of the table and Alinat called. Alinat landed a flush on the turn and took the pot eliminating Eveslage. Eveslage won $38,561.

After Eveslage’s elimination, it took 2 hours before O’Hara was eliminated setting stage for heads up play between Tu Dao and Alinat. Prior to O’Hara’s elimination, he was the short stack with a few big blinds. O’Hara’s Jack-Nine was not enough to double-up against Dao’s king-jack. He won $55,749.

When the heads-up play commenced, Dao had a 2:1 chip advantage over Alinat. However, Dao temporarily lost the chip lead but later regained it after winning a couple of hands in a row.


The last hand of the tournament

Dao was dealt with king-nine offsuit.

Alinat had king-queen offsuit.

The flop was 4-9-8 which meant that Dao flopped a pair.

The turn was a three-diamond which gave Alinat a flush draw.

Unfortunately, the river bricked and Alinat was eliminated in second place.

He took home $82,312


Final Table Results

Position Player Country Prize
1 Tu Dao Canada $133,189
2 Alain Alinat France $82,312
3 Ian O’Hara United States $55,749
4 Chad Eveslage United States $38,561
5 Jan Suchanek New Zealand $27,251
6 Oleg Chebotarev Russia $19,687




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