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You must have missed the title… it’s free! And one of the best free poker books I might add!

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It’s 174 pages, single-spaced. The download link contains a PDF file and a Kindle version file.

John Anhalt, who is the original creator of Leak Buster, Ace Poker Drills, and PokerZion.com. John has been playing poker for over 10 years and has maintained a consistently high winrate at multiple stake levels over that time. He’s authored three poker ebooks, made over 100 instructional poker videos, hosted live workshops on poker theory, and has been interviewed on about poker on radio and TV over the years. You can read more about him here.

I am blessed that I didn’t miss this offer and can’t express enough how much John has inspired me to improve my poker game. Since reading Polished Poker, using the Ace Poker Solutions Equity Trainer, and diving into the content on LeakBuster, I’ve slowly improved as a poker player.

Sidgucc, (cardschat member)

Poker by the Book Purchase

Poker by the Book: Volume I


Poker Book with a proven wining system

Learn to master odds, outs and the math of no limit holdem

Post-flop betting strategies

Applicable to full ring and 6max NL holdem poker.

Available by Instant download

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Poker by the Book: Volume II


More post-flop betting strategies

Playing out of position

How to analyze complex poker situations

No Limit Holdem Player dependent adjustments

Available by Instant Download

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Poker by the Book: Volume I & II


A complete copy of Volume 1

A complete copy of Volume 2

Free Holdem Manager HUD

Free Poker Tracker 3 HUD

Complete Poker Books available today by Instant Download

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Polished Poker Workbook: Volume II


Hand Reading Exercises

Understanding Combinations and Fold Equity

Blind Play

Marginal Spots vs. 3-Bets

Available by Instant Download

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“If you are looking for free online poker lessons, you will not find a more comprehensive poker book online than Polished Poker from Ace Poker Solutions.” — TopPokerValue.com

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