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The PPPoker HUD Catcher is an add-on application for DriveHUD (add-on application that works with Drivehud, Poker Tracker, or Holdem Manager) that allows you to run a HUD and track hands on PPPoker. The PPPoker HUD Catcher works on the PPPoker application through the use of a win application that is provided by PPPoker.

Easy to setup and run

Simple and straightforward setup, and easy integration with DriveHUD. You just purchase the version you want and insert your serial and you’re ready to go. Everything is integrated to work seamlessly with DriveHUD.

Online Documentation and Guide

Are there risks to running a hud?

The PPPoker website doesn’t have anything against the use of HUD’s in their TOS, but they also haven’t endorsed them. So far to date, no one has had an issue running the catcher and DriveHUD on PPPoker.

Tracks all game types

The PPPoker HUD Catcher will track observed tables, as well as the game you’re playing. All game types, cash, and tournaments are tracked.

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Compatible with DriveHUD, Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager



Includes all stakes and games

Supports short deck games


3-Month License (Save $18!)

Includes all stake levels and games

Supports short deck games

Renew Existing License

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