Bodog Poker Card Catcher Overview (Cash Games)

Neither Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker supports HUD’s for Bovada poker rooms. Without a HUD it can be difficult to track passive or tricky players effectively and maximize your EV per hand. The Bovada Card Catcher solves this problem and allows you to run a customizable HUD with your Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker database. Now you’ll be able to review your hands, stats, track your progress, and run your favorite HUD setup with any stats you want.

How do you use the Bovada Card Catcher?


Simply load up your bovada poker client, and run the bovada card catcher. All hands will be saved in real time and loaded into your favorite database program, so you can then launch a HUD while playing.


  • Free 72 hour fully functional trial – DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Catch hands played at Bodog Poker and Bovada in real time.
  • See your session stats and information instantly in your favorite database.
  • See individual stats for each player you played against every session.
  • Includes Hitman HUD for full ring and 6-max games.
  • Step by step video on how to setup and customize your HUD.
  • For use with Holdem Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4 (Required)