Leak Buster No-Limit Professional Overview

This version is for all stake levels of no-limit holdem cash games.

Even if you’re an advanced poker player, you’ve
likely got costly habits that prevent you from winning as much as you
should. You may not be aware of them, but these recurring mistakes, also
known as leaks, are draining your bankroll (right into the pockets of
your opponents).

Stop the leaks and start winning more money now with Leak Buster –
Holdem Manager’s poker database analysis software. You’ll discover and prevent your recurring mistakes and learn new winning strategies.


  • Average of 10-24 significant poker leaks found
  • Video tutorials and written modules on how to correct your leaks
  • 52 filters included (+52 videos on leaks)
  • Unique scoring algorithm quickly isolates your most costly leaks
  • HUD setups for 6-max and full ring + module on exploiting your opponents