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    DriveHUD 2 Beta Update – v2.0.2.7092:


    Added back in ability to create custom stats then use them in reports, HUDs, R&D (beta)
    New HUD Designer features:
    Added cell multiple selection.
    Added edit row/column height/width sub-menus.
    Added variable row height.
    Added cell’s text vertical alignment.
    Added setting background for empty cells.
    Merge/split cells.
    Added help icon with full hint.
    Added border support for cells.

    Added new built-in stats:
    Check-Raise flop & Bet Turn
    Fold Turn After Calling Flop Check-Raise
    Fold River after calling flop Check-Raise and turn barrel
    Check/Fold Flop as PFC SRP
    Check/Raise Flop as PFC SRP
    Fold to Turn C-Bet as PFC
    Fold to River C-Bet as PFC
    Flop C-Bet SRP HU IP
    Flop C-Bet SRP HU OOP no SB-BB
    Turn C-Bet HU SRP OOP
    BvB SB C-Bet Flop SRP
    BvB SB X/F Flop SRP
    BvB SB Flop Bet SRP
    Fold to Raise
    BvB BB Fold to Flop C-Bet
    BvB BB Raise C-Bet
    BvB BB Fold to Turn C-Bet
    BvB BB Raise Turn C-Bet
    BvB BB Fold to River C-Bet

    Custom stat creation is back, and re-vamped. We’ll be adding a few more functions to it, and this version is beta. Please note that if you update to this version, you cannot downgrade, as it will update your HUDs, R&D’s, etc..

    There’s also some cool new features and functions in the HUD designer section, mostly in the pop-up designer. You can add borders to cells, merge, and add text directly into the cell itself by double-clicking. It’s all around easier and more customizable.

    Some new features for the replayer including larger screens with new dark modes.
    Population overlay data in R&D reports.
    Expanded opponent report data.

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