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    DriveHUD 2 Public beta – v2.0.0.5651:


    – Fixed the issue when PS.India hand histories couldn’t be imported
    – Fixed Skip Flop C-Bet SRP & C/F Flop OOP% stat
    – Fixed Bet vs Skip C-Bet stat
    – Added Chico 7-max support
    – Fixed the issue when WPN hands couldn’t be imported if player name has ‘()’
    – Fixed the issue when some hands weren’t deleted after deleting
    – Fixed the crash on hands export
    – Fixed the issue when stats selection filter didn’t work in HUD designer if stats were already added to another HUD
    – Export/Import user popups on HUD export/import
    – Fixed the issue when data in user popups was displayed only if stats were added to other HUD elements
    – Fixed the issue when HUD could be attached to random WPN window if hand history file name didn’t match expected pattern
    – Backup user popups/chart if include HUD settings option is enabled during backup process
    – Added new stats:
    Call Preflop 2-Bet%
    Call Preflop 2-Bet EP%
    Call Preflop 2-Bet CO%
    Call Preflop 2-Bet BTN%
    Call Preflop 2-Bet SB%
    Call Preflop 2-Bet BB%
    Donk Flop in 3-Bet Pot%
    Fold To Donk Flop in 3-Bet Pot%
    Call Flop Bet%
    Call Flop C-Bet%
    Call Flop Donk Bet%

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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