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Mac Address Issue

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Problem: When registering the software, there’s an error: “The serial number could not be used to unlock the software. Please try again”. The details of that error show “Too many instances of the MAC Address component to generate a valid hash”.

Solution: Delete all unused network adapters from the system.

  • Open Start Menu
  • Type In: Device Manager (If on Windows 10, right click on Start and choose ‘Device Manager’)
  • Select Device Manager
  • Click the View menu from the top
  • Select Show Hidden Devices (Must be check before continuing)

  • Scroll down and expand Network Adapters
  • Right-Click the Network Adapter. Usually, the name should contain one of the below:
    • Microsoft 6to4 Adapter
    • Microsoft ISATAP Adapter
    • Microsoft xx Tunneling Adapter
    • TAP-Windows adapter
  • Select Uninstall

  • Click OK for the pop-up warning message.
  • Repeat and repeat for each of the unwanted duplicate adapters.
  • Close Device Manager when finished.

Every time a network adapter is uninstalled, you can check if the problem is solved by running ‘XHEO Profile Helper’ tool (

If the tool ruAnchorns and shows a code, it means the problem is solved. You can then try registering APS Software.

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