Virtual Reality is set to revolutionize our lives and gambling is no exception, as the disruptive technology is now letting Poker players to feel the environment of a casino while sitting at their couch. In VR Poker, players can interact with each other and play the game remotely but they can still feel the vibes and environment of a Casino. All they need is a VR headset and appropriate apps. Casino VR Poker is one such VR Poker app. This app provides completely immersive experience and renders data in real time.

You can make an account on Casino VR Poker app and choose your avatar, and then proceed like you do in a normal casino. Here is a great video in which you can see all the steps involved in playing a virtual reality Poker game.


The basics here are VR Poker-based platform and a headset, for which you can choose Oculus or Samsung Gear.

Virtual Reality poker can literally curb all the barriers and hurdles that are faced by online Poker players in the US.

Bolt Casino’s VR Poker platform, for instance, lets you do all the real life Poker moves while playing online. You can give high-fives, put your chips into a toy truck and move them like a pro. Here is a great video in which two players try this VR platform.

drivehud poker hud


Casino VR creates a complete new Casino or apartment which you can explore. You can choose from multiple tables in the casino lobbies and interact with objects.  VR Poker can fill the void which is there due to the missing links between real life Poker and online poker. You can download and install this app for both Oculus and Gear VR.

VR Poker is no more a rudimentary concept in books. It has started to affect in real life. But it still has a long way to go. If VR Poker gets popularity and gambling laws are relaxed in the US, we can see a complete revolution in the gambling industry in the near future.



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