Famous Poker players get success mainly because of their skills. But their skills are improved and polished due to certain psychological habits that they develop over time.

Just like in other aspects of life, the power of habit has its unimaginable consequences in the poker world as well. Here are some excellent habits common in all famous Poker players.


Mindfulness and Stoic-Like Calm

I know this has become a cliché in the Poker world.

Everybody talks about the importance of being calm under pressure. But how do famous Poker players actually do this? I’d suggest reading about Stoics on the internet.

Stoics were a group of thinkers in ancient Greece who are known for their calm and lack of panic even during wars and near-death situations.

Also, famous Poker players meditate daily. In 2015, Daniel Negreanu wrote an essay on the importance of mindfulness for Poker players.


Daniel Ott

Exude Confidence

No matter how weak cards you get, or how nervous you are internally, you have to keep showing your confidence on the table.

Body language is everything in Poker. You can show your weakness by depicting a weak body language. You really have to fake it until you make it.

Poker players develop a habit of acting like they are on top of the world. This would confuse your opponents and force them to go on the back foot.


Memorize Your Cards

Never look at your cards again and again. When you check your cards for the first time, memorize them and in your heart say their title aloud so your mind could remember what you have.

You’d never see famous Poker players checking their cards again and again. You should know what you have and be ready to strike all the time.


Always Take a Pause Before a Move

Even if you are 100% sure about your move, never hasten.

Always give a pause of a few seconds, even if it’s an obvious fold. This would make your opponents think that you are going with a strategy. Never show your excitement.


Become a Keen Observer

Most of the Poker guides talk about tackling the observation of other players, having a calm body language and no expressions. But it’s also important to become a keen observer.

You should see through the body language of your opponents. Keep an eye on every player on the table, but in a subtle way.


Be “Realistically” Positive

Being positive could actually destroy your game and drain your funds.

Casinos are full of people who enter with a positive mind and pockets full of cash. After a few initial jackpots or victories, they never cash or go out to enjoy the money.

They stay “positive” that they will keep winning. This results in disasters. You have to be realistically positive to sustain your success and accept failure.



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