It doesn’t take a fortune to get sexy and stylish. To step up your game and get in style, all you need is the right sense of dressing, hairstyle and some general style hacks. We are going to mention some style and fashion hacks which every man should know.

Get a Hair Gel or Wax

A good hair wax or gel is a must to style your hair, no matter what length or look you want to give them. A hair gel keeps the hair style in structure and defined, which is absolutely necessary to get stylish looks these days.


Fit Shirt Hack

The importance of this cannot be emphasized more. If your clothes do not fit you, you will never stand out and look stylish. For shirts, the size and comfort can only be evaluated when you wear it and sit down on a chair.


Wash Jeans with Vinegar

Always prefer the original Denim jeans. But never wash it as washing the original wear diminishes the color and texture. The best jeans hack is to wash it with some Vinegar. This will increase the lifespan of the jeans without fading the color.

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Skinny Ties

Fat, corporate-looking ties are outdated. It’s always stylish and trendy to wear a skinny tie these days. But wait? What about that expensive tie collection you have back there? No worries. You can easily turn your normal fat ties into skinny ties. Have a look at this video.


Olive Oil as a Shoe Shiner

Cleaning and polishing shoes is something we all do almost daily. But if you wear black dress shoes, always use leather oil. If you don’t have it, the best hack here is to use olive oil. This oil will give long-lasting shine and texture to your dress shoes.

Beard Basics

Your beard defines your style and looks. The crucial things in beard style is the size, structure and shape of your beard. A lot of guys don’t know where to start the beard and end it. Here is a general rule: there should be no hair beneath an inch above your Adam’s Apple. And there should be no hair on your chin. In this video, the famous ‘Beard Couch’ explains the best size and shape of beard to look stylish.

Straighten Cloth Wrinles Without Ironing

This one’s my favorite style and fashion hacks. If you don’t have an iron or just hate spending a ridiculous amount of time daily to sort our cloth wrinkles, here is a hack: just put your wrinkle clothes in the dryer with an ice cube for no less than 15 minutes. The moisture will straighten the wrinkles. Or, hang your wrinkled clothes in the bathroom and turn on the hot shower for fifteen minutes. The steam (moisture) will take care of the wrinkles.

How to Kill Shoe Smell

Putting a newspaper in and around a smelly shoe instantly kills the smell and moisture. This is a tried and tested hack which is immensely useful for guys.


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