Since being forced into playing on Bovada Poker, since the list of U.S. poker sites sucks, the anonymity of the tables on Bovada is a bit troublesome. Forget the fact that it’s not real poker and takes away some of the great elements that make poker poker, such as observing your opponents and making reads and plays based on the kind of player they are. You can’t really do that to any amazing degree in one short session at a table full of players you’ve never played again. The fact that you can’t make any great reads is being exploited more and more on Bovada and it’s growing tiresome.

You’ll get some nutball that wants to make some great bluffs, and then as soon as they’ve done a few, vanish. Then another pops up on your table, makes a quick hit, and vanishes into thin air once again. Now on normal online sites, or in the strange thing call real life, no one could do this. Eventually you’d have data on that player or notes about what kinds of plays they’ve made. Not on Bovada though. And the best part of all that is, they can even join back on that same table! Yes, folks, they just have to wait 5 minutes and they can sit right back down without you ever known and do it all over again. Awesome isn’t it?

It’s great when they make a really bad bluff and you have a big hand, but in general I think this is bad poker. It’s of course exploiting an environment that Bovada created, but it’s only going to get worse. I think at the very least, if they aren’t going to track names or player ID’s, then you shouldn’t be able to sit back down at the same table for at least an hour. It’s totally unacceptable that someone could do this. You could never do it in real life, and it makes no sense to allow it online.