Poker Heads-Up Display (HUD) is a tool that displays information directly on a Poker table. Poker HUD helps you monitor, track, and analyze your and other players’ game based on the statistics and data. HUD is mostly overlaid onto Poke tables and stats are shown in boxes beside screen names. Key data such as total hands played, total aggression factor and wins keep showing on a Poker HUD. In this article we will talk about one of the best Poker HUDs in the market: DriveHUD.


DriveHUD is one of the most powerful Poker HUDs available in the market. Drive HUD lets you spot patterns and vulnerabilities on other players’ games through its “bumper sticker system” feature. DriveHUD also has a “Tilt Meter” feature using which you can foresee the impending tilts from your opponents. DriveHUD has 12 pre-defined custom HUDs. The tool profiles players based on their skills and patterns. Different player categories include fish, tight Red, Tricky Lag, Whale and Nutball.

You can download a 30 day trial version of DriveHUD and then buy the software if you make up your mind.

DriveHUD lets you track all your hands. You can also replay every session and analyze every hand. The software is famous for its colorful and amazing graphs. You can also apply filters and graphs change in real time.

drivehud poker hud

DriveHUD supports US friendly Poker websites like Bovada and BetaOnline. You can create and edit HUDs with this tool pretty easy as the software has a drag and drop method. DriveHUD also assigns hand ranges automatically to Poker players. You can, however, switch the hand range mode to manual. You can also gauge and analyze your post-flip position. DriveHUD has a powerful equity calculator.The Poker HUD also makes profiles of your opponents, so you can easily spot fish and sharks in among the pool of your opponents.

Here is a video by our YouTube channel detailing some features of DriveHUD.


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