The main difference between full ring and six max is the number of players around the table.

A full ring game will usually consist of 9 or 10 players. A six-max game will consist of 6 players or less.

6 max games are faster paced and include a lot more action. Moves like steal and re-steal are used frequently, these show players that you are not afraid to play and you are not going to be bullied at the table.

You should play position but you also need to install fear into your opponents. The game gradually gets more personal as you come up against the same players multiple times.

It is easier to watch and establish patterns from certain players, and it is easier to pick on the weaker players at your table.

Full ring games are often a tighter played game, the player having more time and playing fewer chips per level, and being able to play like a ‘rock’.

In a full ring game, it is easy to play ABC poker and follow the ‘normal’ rules of poker. You are likely to be 3-bet less often and you should be made to make hard decisions less often.

It would appear that 6-max is a harder game. This concurred because 6-max often requires a lot more aggression and overall play. The game seems to be marginally looser and therefore requires more risk, a player cannot be scared to get their chips in without complete premium hands to be a winning player in 6-max.

The decisions that must be made are a lot more marginal in 6-max and they occur a more frequently. After a long session with more chips being used per level players often feel like they should make moves quicker because of the speed of the game. This, therefore, shows the game to have more variance than a full ring game.

As a new player, it would seem that a full ring 9 or 10 handed game is a better place to start. As a player, you have more time to watch them play and learn the types of players at the table, if this was 6-max every player should be playing with aggression and therefore harder for a new player to work out their style.

The orbits are longer and chips are burnt slower, giving more experience in the game. With the play less likely to scare you with too much aggression it is a good place to start. Once the full ring is mastered it is good for players to move onto different types of games including 6-max and different variations of the game.



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