Pot Limit Omaha is an exciting game that’s been getting a lot of attention lately. Offering more action and allowing players to get involved with more pots, PLO represents a step up from Hold’em, which doesn’t seem to flare up the imagination of players the way it used to.

However, for those seeking action, not even regular Pot-Limit Omaha cuts it. They get bored of it quickly as they just don’t get to play enough hands and don’t see enough big pots. The solution for those players came in the form of PLO with extra cards added to starting hands. First, there was PLO5 and now we have PLO6.

Like the number in the game’s name suggests, the game is played with all players being dealt six cards instead of four or five. All other rules of Omaha apply so you still have to make a hand using exactly two cards from your hand but your options are much bigger. Because of this, there are certain differences and strategy adjustments you need to pay attention to if you want to play PLO6 correctly.


PLO6 Fundamental Strategies

There is still a lack of quality material explaining good strategies for Pot Limit Omaha 6. The reason for this is two-fold. First of all, the game is still relatively new so there hasn’t been much time to develop in-depth strategies as of yet.

Secondly, with six cards to begin with and up to five community cards by the end of a hand, calculations become increasingly complex. Figuring some sort of GTO approach for this game must be very complicated. Even regular PLO is still quite far from being solved and adding two extra cards to a starting hand makes a huge difference.

However, there are still some solid ideas and principles you can stick to that should help you avoid problems and not find yourself in impossible situations.

Even in regular PLO, you rarely want to get involved in a huge pot when you don’t have the absolute nuts. In PLO6, playing massive pots with hands that aren’t the nuts is usually just a horrible idea, though. In regular PLO, your nut flush might still be good once the board pairs but in PLO6, you’ll have to be very lucky not to run into a full house or even quads.

This general idea should influence your overall approach to the game. You absolutely need to avoid problem hands and stick to the ones that have the nut potential. Big suited aces with solid support around them are good candidates. Big pocket pairs, like Aces, Kings, and Queens are good as well but since you have four more cards around them, you want those cards to work together in some way, shape, or form as well.

What you definitely don’t want to do is play low rundowns and/or small pocket pairs. These are the kind of hands that will get you in trouble very often as they’re unlikely to remain the nuts all the way to the river. And if your opponent is on any kind of a draw, they’ll always make a better hand if they hit one of their cards.


Using HUD to Crush PLO6 Games

With PLO6 being such a new game, your choices of HUDs are quite limited. To my knowledge, DriveHUD is the only one that supports PLO6, which is actually a good thing. Since the selection of software isn’t big, it’s likely that many players are going HUD-less, giving you a chance to get a really big edge.

The fact of the matter is, you don’t even have to be the master of HUDs to take advantage of this tool. Having an overview of someone’s basic stats will tell you a lot about their tendencies. For example, are they playing way too many hands preflop or do they call way too many continuation bets? How often do they reach a showdown?

This kind of information will give you an opportunity to make money in many spots that your opponents (that aren’t using HUDs) will remain oblivious of. You can make subtle changes against particular players and take advantage of their tendencies – without hurting your overall strategy.

So, if you like PLO6 and play frequently, you definitely want to get the HUD as soon as possible and make the most out of it. It won’t be long before the rest of the player pool catch up and starts using it as well so you shouldn’t wait too long.




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