Staying on top of your game, and reviewing your leaks takes work. Step 7 in Leak Buster 4 has a lot of great filters that you should go over and review periodically. There’s especially several that most people tend to struggle with, and you should put those at the top of your review list. These filters are:

Filter 7 (Multiway flops with no pre-flop raise) – You want to make sure you’re fighting for your share of limped pots when you’re in the blinds or decided to limp behind. If you’re struggling with this, there’s an additional video you should check out: Scooping small pots

Filter 11 (Unsuited Connectors Cold Called) – A very common spew area for a lot of people. Make sure when you are calling that you’re calling in position and you have some good reads on your opponents. If you’re bleeding a lot of money here, then just cut way down on these hands. They can become trap hands if you’re not bluffing enough to make up for the times you don’t connect.

Filter 17 (Calling Flop Cbet Raise) – If you get raised on the flop there should be pause for thought. Most people are going to show a loss here. Your main focus when you review these hands should be about what kind of opponent you’re facing. Are you calling raises from passive opponents without a strong hand? Does the flop texture look like something where your opponents range is very polarized to strong hands or nothing, and you’re not making good decisions on later streets?

Filter 25 (3-bet low suited connectors) – Some people fall in love with 3-betting suited connectors. There are spots where this can be very profitable. Just make sure you aren’t doing it very often out of position, especially when you’re somewhat deeper. It can become quite costly.

Filter 29 (Call a 3-bet with less than AQ+ or TT+) – If you can’t fold to 3-bets, then make sure you’re at least getting close to break even on this filter. If you’re average open sizing is about 2.5 BBs, then you need to have a bb/100 of at least -250bb/100 or higher. Otherwise you should just be folding. This can become a very costly filter if you aren’t playing and using position well, and picking good spots and opponents to call.

Filter 32 (SB steal defended with no-premium) – If you’re cold calling in the SB versus steals, then you better be playing good out of position poker. Cut down on some of the bottom of your range and play stronger non-premium hands from the SB to cut down on your losses.

Filter 35 (4-bet less than TT+ or AQ+) – If you’re a 4-bet bluff machine, just make sure you’re not over doing it. Again, if you open for about 2.5 BBs on average, then you need to be showing a loss rate of -250bb/100 or less. This should be easily achievable if you’re not being too aggressive.

Filter 43 (Possible missed value bet) – This is a filter where you’re going to want to look at your top winning hands. Look at how the hands played out and what kind of opponents you’ve been against. If you’re missing a lot of slim value, then you need to step it up a bit. Especially if you’re playing small stakes or below. Aggressive value betting it is very important.

Filters 47-52 (Line Filters) – All of these are good to go over too. You want to make sure you’re getting max value from the lines you’re taking with different hands. Especially Bet, check, bet type lines. Was there missed value happening on the turn a lot? Are you bet, bet, calling on the end when you obviously got out run at some point? These are all good to go over.

Step 7 of Leak Buster 4 will take some digging, but it is well worth the time. There’s a lot you’re going to learn about your game by isolating it into chunks of common leak areas. Stay with it, and keep up the good work!


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