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[Workaround] How to fix issue of PC restricted PokerBros tables not showing HUD on Emulators

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For BLUESTACK USERS, The Asian Hand Converter will work with both V4 and V5 versions. You can download either version from the Bluestacks website.

Emulators supported:

LDPlayer 4 Android 7.1 32-bit
LDPlayer 4 Android 7.1 64-bit
LDPlayer 5 Android 7.1 32-bit
LDPlayer 5 Android 7.1 64-bit
LDPlayer 9 Android 9.0 64-bit
BlueStacks 4 Nougat-32
BlueStacks 4 Nougat-64
BlueStacks 4 Pie-64
BlueStacks 5 Nougat-32
BlueStacks 5 Nougat-64
BlueStacks 5 Pie-64
Nox Android 7 32-bit
Nox Android 7 64-bit


1. Install Asian Hand Converter version or higher. You can see the latest version here.


2. Make sure all emulators are closed on your PC.


3. On a real Android Device like smartphones or tablets, download the PokerBros app and login with your PokerBros account.


4.  Close PokerBros app on your real device. IMPORTANT: DO NOT LOG OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT – JUST CLOSE THE APP.


5. On your PC, Launch your emulator but DO NOT open PokerBros app yet.


6. Launch Asian Hand Converter and click on Start Catcher.


7. Wait for the opened emulator’s ‘Ready’ status to appear.


8. Launch PokerBros app on emulator, login with your PokerBros account, and play as usual.


You may also get a warning pop-up; just click on OK.


After that you don’t need to open your PokerBros account on a real device.



If you have any further questions or need any setup assistance, please contact support from this page:



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