Dale Philip was living a normal life in Scotland, with a full-time, secure job in IT. But in 2010, Dale decided to start a roller coaster life full of adventure, fun and money. He quit his job and went to Thailand, where he started playing Poker. Dale won over $12,000 in a single month playing Poker. Dale beat some of the famous Poker players in the world, and quickly became famous. He won many high stakes games as well. Dale’s primary goal was to travel the world. He has been touring all over the world, including Australia, Spain, France, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong. Dale used Thailand as his base, where he used to work and accumulate money to carry on his adventures.

But recently, several countries across the globe have started taking action against online Poker. This has taken a toll on Dale’s life, and he is now back in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Dale says that online Poker has no future. Major crackdowns have resulted in fewer Poker players on the internet. Poker websites are decreasing rewards. It is very difficult to make money through Poker now because Poker websites have less players and most of them are experts. Dale used to make truckloads of money during the online Poker boom. But now, in a good month, he can make around 2000 pounds at most.

Dale is now contemplating whether to start a normal life or accumulate money for yet another digital nomad lifestyle. It’s hard for him to adjust because he’d been living an adventurous life for about 6 years.

“I feel physically ill just at the thought of waking up at 7am each day, putting on a suit and spending most of the day sitting in an office,” says Dale.


Dale has no regrets whatsoever. He says that he opted to live his life to the fullest, instead of spending time in front of computer screens in a closed cubicle. He is now planning to hit Europe and Asia very soon.


You can follow Dale Philip on Twitter, and check out this website where he shared his travel diaries.



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