Playing poker online is not only lucrative, but it’s also flexible. Unlike playing poker at your local casino, playing online allows you to play at multiple cash tables. Interestingly, some online poker players even play at more than 10 tables. However, even though you stand to make more money, multi-tabling is definitely not for everyone. Read on for advantages and disadvantages of multi-tabling.


Advantages of multi-tabling

High earning potential

One of the advantages of playing at multiple tables is high-profit potential. On average, at a no-limit table, you are likely to play roughly about 60 hands an hour. If let’s say you decide to play 6 tables, you will see out 360 hands in an hour. Since you will be playing more hands per minute, with a decent win-rate, you stand to make more money compared to playing at one table.


Lower variance

In simple terms, Variance is the monster that makes sure you can’t beat the game every time. There will be swings between losing and winning sessions. For instance, in one session, you can win several unopened pots when opponents fold to your raises. However, in another session, you may flop a top pair or land quads on the river but still lose.

Multi-tabling can substantially lower variance out of poker. Even though a player may end up winning less, there is a high chance that he won’t lose as much.


Less time consuming

Playing at multiple tables can save you a lot of time. If let’s say you play 200 hands a day, on a single table, assuming a 50 hands per hour frequency, it will take you 4 hours. On the other hand, if you decide to play at four tables, it will take you just an hour to play 200 hands.

From the analogy, playing multiple tables has a shorter time commitment.


Disadvantages of multi-tabling

High bankroll requirements

Obviously, to play at multiple tables, you have to have a bigger bankroll. You have to make sure that your bankroll can handle the swings. Even though variance is substantially lower when playing at multiple tables, you may experience huge swings within a single session. Therefore, you have to ensure that your bankroll covers several big blinds at each table, at all times.


A higher number of bad beats

Even though the probability of seeing a bad beat at a table always remains constant, the probability is bound to increase with the surge in the number of hands played. Also, it is worth noting that by playing at multiple tables, you will be playing against players with very different playing profiles and hence getting a read can be almost impossible.


Final Word

Multi-tabling has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. If done right, it can be profitable. However, at the same time, it increases the risks facing your bankroll significantly. For instance, if you lose at one table, recovering from a loss may be difficult. Meaning that your decisions on other tables may be affected by your loss on one table.



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