I’m pretty excited about the new Leak Buster feature. It’s something I’ve wanted to have added for quite some time. It’s taken a bit of time to get it all together, but I’ve made a quick video explaining how to use it here:


In the spirit of making hand discussion easier and more meaningful, we added a cool new feature in Leak Buster NL v Here’s an over view of how to use it. I’ll make a quick youtube tutorial and post it on Holdem managers site as well.

1) From Step 1 in Leak Buster, click on the HANDS tab from any leak you want to explore more.
2) You can right click on any hand you want to discuss further on a forum and click export to forum format. You can then paste the hand to most forums.
3) At the bottom of the hand, there will be a link that anyone can click on to send the hand to our equity calculator server. The hand will have the complete history in it, and you can select from which street you want to run a calculation on.
4) It will then auto generate hand ranges for your opponents and display the equity for that spot.
5) You can edit and change ranges, weight ranges as needed, and re-calculate.
6) You can then export those ranges and calculations back to the forum.

For me personally, one of the ways I became a really good player was hand discussion on forums like 2+2. I always wanted an easy way to talk about any hand posted in terms of range and equity. I got tired of a lot of post like, this person is all-in, should I be calling? Well… what range are you assigning him? I think this should aide in that discussion and make analysis a lot easier for anyone using it. We setup a server just to just run any of these calculation on. We’ll be refining some of the AI range building as we go, but it’s a great place to start overall.

So the goal with this feature is, once you run a Leak Buster analysis, you’ll have all your critical leaks listed and you can find those hands with one click. Then you can export any of those tough spots or situations you have questions about. Post it, discuss it, analyze, and range build with an easy setup and interface. Anyone can participate in your discussion, they don’t need Leak Buster.

Here’s an example hand you can play with and see:

Leak Hand found and Converted by Leak Buster Poker Training Software

NL Holdem $0.5(BB)
SB ($30.05)
BB ($75.13)
UTG ($66.18)
HERO ($54.47)
CO ($50)
BTN ($48.25)

Dealt to Hero K A

UTG Folds, HERO Raises To $2.25, CO Folds, BTN Calls $2.25, SB Calls $2, BB Folds

Flop ($6.5) 3 4 8
SB Checks, HERO Bets $5, BTN Calls $5, SB Folds

Turn ($16.5) 3 4 8 J
HERO Bets $12.25, BTN Calls $12.25

River ($41) 3 4 8 J 7
HERO Bets $34.97 (all-in), BTN Calls $28.75 (all-in)

View this hand in the Poker Equity Calculator. Just click and it will auto load this hand.

So if you click the equity calculator link, you will be asked to load a street. You’ll get your range and results, discuss based on those results. Re-weight (on the calculator right click on a hand to select frequency/weight) or remove some ranges and re-calculate.

I’m looking forward to using it