Cheating in poker has been the scourge that refuses to let up. Cheating is not only frowned upon, but it attracts huge penalties if caught. Most poker cheaters prefer sophisticated means like botting and collusion. But A  man was banned after stealing glances at an opponent’s hole card on multiple occasions. Well, props to him for using the oldest cheating technique in the book.

The player going by the name Julio “skillsrocks” Cedillo allegedly stole a few glances at his opponent’s hole cards on multiple occasions. The allegations were later proved by Alex Duvall after video analysis. Interestingly, with the information at hand, his bluffs were a masterstroke to the unsuspecting audience.

The live stream, Hustler Casino Live, was hosted by Nick Vertucci. They were playing relatively low stakes no-limit hold ’em, $10/$20/$40 no-limit Holdem. The buy-in ranged from $5000 to $10,000.

“In this video, I review a live stream from a recent Hustler Casino high stakes cash game where a player ends up cheating by looking at another player’s cards. This results in several bluffs that look genius, but are actually completely cheating,”

“Our announcers and production team is not focused on watching if players are looking over at other players cards (especially if very subtle). They are producing and commentating. And all players are responsible to protect their cards. With that said considering the review of the game and the accusations and all the other off color antics he will not be invited back to our show.”


Julio Cedillo suspicious plays

At the time, Cedillo’s plays were simply ingenious. His raises and bluffs were perfect, too perfect that they eventually raised suspicion.

In one hand, Cedillo folded a two pair after his opponent, Wallace, turned a nut straight. Cedillo was all smiles after the hand showing other players his hand.

The trend continued and Cedillo won several hands against Wallace by making clever bluffs.


 “I talked to Julio a lot about it. He admitted that he did see his cards a few times, but he thinks it’s not against the rules and that Barry should be more careful to protect his cards.” Feldman said. “After discussing with Nick and Shaun, we decided that it’s in the best interests of the show and the casino to ban him, as we don’t want someone who attempts to look at player’s cards to play here. We wanted to do the right thing.


Cedillo ended the night with more than $17k profit while Wallace was in the hole for $5k.

“In my only conversation with Barry so far, he accepted that he should be more careful when looking at his cards. We haven’t had a follow-up conversation yet, but we will,”

Do you think looking at another player’s cards is cheating? I mean, everyone is supposed to guard his/her cards against prying eyes, right?




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