Work away from the table is one of the most important aspects of being a successful poker player. Playing a lot of hands is vital, but if you are not putting time in to understand the fundamental math of the game, you will suffer in the end. That is where Ace Poker Drills comes in. By learning how to play pre-flop, understand your equity versus an opponent’s range, and mastering the odds of making a hand, you will drastically improve your play and take it to the next level.


Dominate Pre-Flop Play

If there is one problem that most new players have, it is playing the wrong hands pre-flop. Some get bored and want to just play a hand, while some severely overestimate the strength of their hand given their position. Ace Poker Drills makes it easy to nail pre-flop play, however, by quizzing you on whether you should fold, check, call, or raise with hand after hand in position after position. In many low stakes games, this alone can take your game to the next level.


Understand Your Opponent’s Range

Understanding ranges of hands your opponent could have is perhaps the single largest step in your progression as a poker player. This is what takes you from “Level 1” thinking to “Level 2,” and drastically improves the way that you play your hands. The Equity Trainer will drill you on these situations. Instead of only understanding the basic math of hands in general, this is where you begin to understand what your equity is against the kinds of hands your opponent has in any given position. On the flop, turn, or river, the software will train you on not only the equity you have against their range but whether or not it will be a profitable bluffing spot.


Know The Math

Understanding the math of poker is especially important if you play online. Rather than spending a lot of time learning the theoretical mathematics behind the game, you should be making sure that you nail the outs and odds of your hand. The Ace Poker Drills Poker Odds & Outs Trainer drill them into your brain so that you can easily recognize them on the fly while you are playing. If you do need help or are unsure about a hand after the fact, you can use the included Equity Calculator to find out whether or not you made the right decision.



The key is to use all three of these tools to make decisions instant and effortless while you are playing. In most situations during a game of poker, the choices you make are obvious when you know how to handle them. With Ace Poker Drills, you will always be prepared.




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Ace Poker Drills Ace Poker Drills is a poker training software that gives you a “flash card” style training for Odds and Outs, Equity, and Pre-Flop play. The Pre-Flop trainer will help you to easily recognize which hands to play in different positions. Odds and Outs trainer will get you to quickly calculate your odds and outs in various situations. Equity Trainer will quiz you on equity calculations for different hands. Then you can know your equity in any given scenario. LEARN MORE.