For the game to run smoothly, online poker has its own set of etiquette rules that have to be followed. However, it is worth noting that your movements during an online poker game are subject to available software controls. In the same vein, there are a couple of variables that can affect gameplay and ultimately affect gaming quality. Read on for the do’s and don’ts of online poker.


Do’s and Don’ts of online poker

#1 A good internet connection

It’s a no-brainer that you need an internet connection to play online poker. That being said, for a superb gaming experience, you must have a good internet connection. Trying to play poker over a poor connection can be frustrating to both you and other players on the virtual table. You will have to miss on some good pots when your connection abruptly disconnects. Also, other players will have to wait while you attempt to reconnect.


#2 Don’t misuse the chat box

Nowadays, it is customary for a software provider to provide a chat box to improve the social aspect of the game. The chat box is meant for meaningful and light discussions and should not be abused. You should refrain from using the chat box to commentate on the gameplay. It can be infuriating when a condescending know-it-all jerk tries to explain his every move.

Annoying and offensive comments will only infuriate other players and just like you, they are trying to pass time and/or generate extra income. It is imperative to note that the chat box is not a right but a privilege and a moderator can take it away from you in a heartbeat.


#3 Save time

To accommodate different playing styles, most poker rooms allocate a substantial amount of time within which you are required to act. However, it does not necessarily mean you have to wait until the timer runs to zero to act.

In the same light, don’t rush your decisions in the name of saving time. Only act when you are sure you have made the right decision.


#4 Fold and follow the action, don’t talk!

After folding a hand, you should refrain from talking about the cards you just folded while the hand is still in progress. If you keep discussing your folded hands, it may give other players an advantage. Simply put, by announcing to everyone what you had prior to folding, it can influence gameplay.


Last word

Online poker software makes it easy to play online compared to participating in live poker. You always have more control over how you bet and execute your strategies. The do’s and don’ts of online poker listed above can greatly improve the gaming experience for you and fellow players.



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