Poker is a game of nerves and emotions. Poker player usually don’t let things out of control, because calm and control over body are keys to a better game. But  things could go South pretty quickly when restraint is not shown from Poker players. Here are some of the most famous Poker fights and brawls.

Johnny Moss VS Bar Room Brawler

Legendary American Poker player Johnny Moss initiated a fight with a bar room brawler due to a $15,000 prop bet with his friend. Moss’ opponent was a big man, with a flawless fighting record. Moss grabbed his from behind and tried to get a quick win, but he was devastated and thrashed by the brawler. Moss was hospitalized for two weeks. The fight almost killed him.

Sam Grizzle VS Phil Hellmuth

Sam Grizzle is a professional American poker player who’s known to have a bad attitude and temper. Grizzle and Phil Hellmuth, the winner of fourteen World Series of Poker bracelets, got into a fist fight in 2003 during a match. It all started when Sam got mad at Phil for not covering a seat for him at the table. Sam asked Phil to meet him in the parking lot of a big casino in Las Vegas. Both the players met and Sam knocked out Phil pretty easily. In this video, you can see both players taunting each other.

drivehud poker hud

Jeff Lisandro vs Prahlad Friedman

One of the most famous Poker fights was between Italian Poker player Jeff Lisandro and Prahlad Friedman at the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event. The fight started after Friedman accused Lisandro of swiping a $5,000 Ante chip when the dealer wasn’t looking. Lisandro got flared up at this serious accusation. Both the players kept exchanging hard words and the air remained tense throughout the match. Lisandro famously threatened Friedman to take his “head off”. Later investigations revealed that Friedman’s accusation was wrong. Friedman apologized, but Lisandro didn’t forgive him for the outlandish accusation. Lisandro took his revenge in 2014 when he ousted Friedman from the $10k 2-7 WSOP bracelet event.

Mike Matusow vs Shawn Sheikhan

Mike Matusow and Shawn “Sheiky” Sheikhan are known to have a bad temper. When the players sat across the table at WSOP of 2005, things got rough. Shawn stood up from the table when was having a bad time, and starting talking to the people standing around the table. Mike Matusow told Shawn to “shut the f*ck up” as he was in the middle of a hand. Shawn didn’t like the swearing and things got rough.  Both players had to spend 10 minutes off the table as a penalty.

Jonathan ‘Red Beard’ Bloyen Taking Down a Man

Jonathan ‘Red Beard’ Bloyen is a relatively lesser known American poker player. Red Beard got fame after he beat the sh*t out of a man who attacked him in the middle of a game.


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