Running a home poker game is always a complex affair. Especially if you have friends who get quite loud after a few shots of bourbon. Of course, a home poker game without drinking is no fun.

However, it is worth noting that it’s not always about the money at home poker games. Some of your friends may be there just to have fun – drink a couple of beers, talk about their inconsiderate boss or talk about their latest Mustang. They may not even be interested in poker and hence you have to be patient with them. A Phil Hellmuth trademark tirade after receiving a bad beat should have no place in your poker home game.


Home poker game rules

#1 Don’t smoke at the table

Even if home poker games are recreational, smoking at the table should be a big no. First, other participants may be non-smokers and hence the smoke can affect them negatively. Also, some of your friends may be asthmatic and you can end up triggering an asthma attack. If you feel like you must smoke, take a smoke break and do your business in another room. If that’s not an option, you can quit smoking, at least for the length of the poker game.


#2 Don’t rabbit-hunt

When playing poker in an informal setting, you may feel the urge to rabbit hunt. Well, rabbit hunting involves checking out the remaining cards if everyone folds both in an open or closed pot. If everyone folds, let it slide, you will try your luck in the next hand. If you keep rabbit hunting, your opponents may not tell you, but you will be slowing the game.


#3 Don’t be a jerk

Yes, we know you are a great player. You even won a couple of thousands over the weekend at your local casino. Just don’t be an ass about it. Don’t try to rub it in. Even if you are allowed to discuss your previous exploits, keep finer details to yourself. You may even end up scaring new players. And if you keep being a jerk to new players, they are likely to ignore your next invite.


#4 Don’t tell other people how to play their hands

Even if you are a professional poker player, you have no right to tell your friend/your opponents how to play their hands. If they showed up at your home poker game, they must be knowing the basics. Leave them to play their hands. If they lose a couple of hundred dollars in the process, let it be.



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