In China, it’s not easy for a woman to ditch normal life and start playing Poker. Eastern societies have always seen Poker as a vice; a game for “bad” people. But Celina Lin, the 35-year old Chinese Poker player, defied all the societal norms and convinced her family about her passion. Today, she is looked up to by thousands of aspiring Poker players, especially women, in China.

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Celina Lin was born in China. She moved to Australia with her parents when she was 9. Celina started college in Australia. One day she went to the famous Crown Casino in Melbourne where she witnessed players playing Poker for the first time in her life.  Lin decided to give Poker a try. She learned Poker and played online for three weeks. She made over $10,000 in the period. She instantly knew that Poker was her thing.

Celina Lin

A few years later, Lin moved back to Macau. Lin says that her family had no idea what Poker was. She says her parents used to think Poker is just like blackjack and baccarat. Apart from that, gambling is illegal in China. People play Poker for leisure and entertainment, but when Lin started playing Poker in the country, the concept of professional Poker was scarcely known in the country.

Celina Lin is the first person to have won the famous Red Dragon tournament twice. She won the tournament for the first time in 2009. Then, in 2012, she won the tournament again, taking home a whopping $110,077. Celina was also the first ever female runner up in Macau Cup. Celina Lin’s total earning from Poker is $898,201.

Today, Celina Lin’s parents are proud of her. Lin recently said in an interview that her father keeps showing everyone all the trophies she won in different Poker tournaments.  Celina Lin says that young girls often come to her and say that they got inspired to play Poker after watching a video of her on the internet.

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