It’s snowing in southern California! Never mind that, it’s ash from all the burnt landscape and trees, the result of another kickoff for an intense fire season ahead. Although there’s really no fire season left in California, because of global warming, it’s nearly 365 days a year now.

Over 125,000 people were evacuated these past few days in San Diego, California, including my wife’s parents. I understand the sensationalism of the news. People don’t want to really talk about why this is happening with increased regularity. They just want to know how many people died, how many homes were lost, and how did it start. Those are the cool news segments to cover. However, for me personally, we need to start acknowledging and talking about what’s really going on with our climate, and what’s causing it to change so dramatically.

Other countries have little to no problem doing this. In the United States though, it’s like picking opposing rival football teams to side and fight for or against. We are so propagandized by an industry that wants to maintain the status quo. We can’t even get enough of our citizens to hear the correct facts on the science. Much like the tobacco industry before it, or the baby formula industry, or the food industry, or health insurance industry, big money misinforms and lies to U.S. citizens to line their pocket books and make their share holders happy. And for some of us, this isn’t news. This is the same old industry play, out of the same old big industry play book.

For those who still don’t think global warming (I’m not going to call it climate change as one party would like it to be called, because it’s not. It’s global warming), the science is more than in, and it’s real. There’s no doubt about it what so ever, at all, not even a tony itty bitty bitty bit. I don’t want to hear about some bogus claim that 99% of scientist have been incorrect before. I still can’t even get one person to tell me what reference this is to, they just regurgitate it. I’m going to assume it was about eugenics, but any ways…

I have two children. When I look at the CONSERVATIVE estimates as to what the environmental impact of global warming is going to be, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I kind of want to do both at the same time because it’s simply so maddening. Here’s a heat map of a conservative estimate of temperature change in the United States over the next ~80 years:


EPA Temperature Rise Estimates

EPA Temperature Rise Estimates

The EPA in the U.S. estimates that average temperatures in the U.S. could rise as high as 11 degrees by 2100. And just by 2040, by 4-5 degrees. If you don’t think that will have an environmental impact, or that it’s just natural phenomenon, well… I have some ocean front property to sell you in Nevada, and maybe I actually will in a couple of centuries. 🙂

Jobs, economy, energy, all of these things are important, but nothing is more important than the health of the planet we reside on. I’m by no means a hippy. I’m an entrepreneur, and businessman, but most importantly I’m a father and husband. My number one job is to protect and take care of my family, and I couldn’t live with myself if I just ignored the facts that I’ve read and pretend that somehow it’s just going to take care of itself. I just couldn’t.

So while the fires become contained in sunny southern California this evening, I’ll be thinking about all of the fire fighters who risked their lives to save people they don’t even know. All of the families who lost their homes, the people who died, and the animals that were displaced. My hope is that our press and news will give a little more attention to the cause behind the cause. One of the greatest and most important causes of our time.


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