As expected, the 50th edition of the World Series of Poker is the biggest yet, with a lot of new faces.

Femi Fashakin has won his first WSOP bracelet.  Femi Fashakin, after an incredible run, won the biggest tournament the 2019 WSOP has to offer, the Event #3: BIG 50 – $500 No-Limit Hold’em.

The event had the highest number of entries in WSOP history, with 28,371 entries competing for a WSOP bracelet. It took 4 days of play for Fashakin to emerge victorious.

Before the tournament, Fashakin had not accomplished much, he only had $60,000 in cashes. However, he now has a bracelet and an additional $1,147,449 to his name.

Here’s what he said after winning the event:

“Overwhelmed, it’s really amazing, super excited. I can’t even describe it but I’m also grateful and it’s a humbling experience. It’s my third cash at the WSOP here in Vegas and I think it’s been okay so far! I didn’t really plan a celebration because I wasn’t sure. But I had a feeling! Today I sprinted in the hallway of the hotel and I thought: when I get to the end of the door, I’m going to stop there and visualize the bracelet. I did that sprint and I saw it…”.


Femi Fashakin Final Table

Fashakin was in the driving seat from the word go, he had the cheap lead at the start of the day. The final table was made up of 7 players, and each was guaranteed to win at least $182,192.

Drama started to unfold on the very first hand when Daniel Ghobrial shoved all-in and was called by Fashakin. Luckily for him, they held similar cards and they split the pot. Ghobrial, the short stack at the time, however, doubled up against Walter Atwood after landing a pair on the river.

Adrian Curry was the first to hit the rails and was eliminated by Rafi Elharar. His pocket tens were no match for Elharar’s kings.

After exactly 8 hands, Ghobrial’s luck ran out and he was eliminated in sixth place by Nick Chow.

With only five players remaining, Cullen, the short stack, managed to double-up against Atwood. After bleeding chips for a couple of hands, Atwood was finally sent packing by Nick Chow.

Nick chow was eliminated in fourth place by Fashakin for $405,132.

In three-handed play, having an enormous chip lead, Fashakin dominated the pots. Elharar finished third paving way for a quick heads-up play. The heads-up play lasted roughly about 30 minutes. Fashakin already had over 70% percent of the chips and Cullen’s attempt to double-up fell flat. For his second-place finish, Cullen won $709, 183.


Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize (USD)
1 Femi Fashakin United States $1,147,449
2 Paul Cullen United States $709,183
3 Rafi Elharar Israel $534,574
4 Nick Chow United States $405,132
5 Walter Atwood United States $308,701
6 Daniel Ghobrial Canada $236,508
7 Adrian Curry United States $182,192
8 Morten Christensen Singapore $141,126
9 David Rasmussen United States $109,922




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