Dan Bilzerian is a Former Navy SEAL

It’s a flabbergasting reality: Dan Bilzerian is a former Navy SEAL. Actually, he did pretty good at the training. He trained for 510 days and scored a whopping 94 out of 99. But then his inner Dan got a reawakening and he got in a dispute with his commanding officer who’d allegedly called him a Pussy.  Dan was relieved of the service.

Dan Bilzerian’s Cat is More Famous than You

Dan Bilzerian’s cat Smushball has over half a million Instagram followers. Smushball is Persian, and has three legs. Smushball always get the attention of Bilzerian and his friends.

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Dan Bilzerian Throws, Kicks and Loves Women

Dan Bilzerian’s love for obsession with women isn’t hidden from anybody. But you might not know that Dan Bilzerian once proudly announced that he made a record by sleeping with 16 women in 12 days straight. What’s more, he once threw a naked model from his balcony in the pool. The model ended up breaking her ankle when she didn’t completely land in the pool. The model accused Bilzerian of intentionally hurting her. Bilzerian was also accused of kicking model Vanessa Castano in the face in a Miami nightclub in August of 2014.


Dan Bilzerian’s Father is a Controversial Figure

Dan’s father Paul Bilzerian was a corporate raider, who used to get big stakes and positions in companies by lobbying against them and making hostile takeovers. Paul was convicted by the SEC and put behind bars for illegal business practices.

Dan’s Troubled Teens

One of the possible reasons of Dan’s outlandish attitude and pretentious lifestyle is his troubled past. Dan was regularly ridiculed and made fun of in his school during his teens amid his father’s arrest and controversies. Dan Bilzerian was lonely and socially awkward. He is now proving a point to the world and channelizing his rage in women, drugs and public show of money.

Dan Bilzerian Appeared in The Lone Survivor

In case you didn’t notice, Dan Bilzerian appeared in the famous Movie The Lone Survivor (for a minute or so). Dan paid the movie directors over $1 million to get 8 minutes of screen time and 80 words. But when his screen time was slashed to about a minute, he sued the movie. Dan has also worked as a stuntman in Olympus Has Fallen, and also appeared in the film The Equalizer and The Other Woman.

Dan Was Arrested for Making Bombs 

As we all know, Dan Bilzerian has a passion for guns. But in 2014, he was arrested by the authorities at LAX International Airport on charges of making a bomb.

Dan Bilzerian Sucks at Poker

People think that Dan Bilzerian’s primary income stream is Poker, but the fact of the matter is that his Poker skills aren’t that good. He finished 180th in the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event. He usually fleeces rich businessmen in Poker games. People also say that he’d invested his father’s money and made large profits.

Dan had 2 Hearts Attacks

Dan Bilzerian had at least 2 heart attacks before reaching the age of 30. The attacks came after 5 days of constant partying, sex, cocaine abuse and Viagra use.


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