The Bodog Poker Network, aka Bovada, one of the most well-known online Poker platform, has announced that it will expand its online poker websites in 16 new countries. The online Poker network is owned by Bodog, which is an entertainment brand founded in 1994 by Canadian businessman Calvin Ayre. The company also revealed in its press released that it had sold its network to a Hong Kong-based consortium known as PaiWangLuo.

The Bodog Poker network was previously open to Canadian players only. Given the reliability and popularity of Bodog, international Poker players were feeling the need of international availability of Bodog since long. Among the countries where Poker players would be able to play on Bodog website include Spain, Portugal, almost all of Latin and Central America. The Bodog group runs and administers three Poker websites: Bodog, Bodog88, and Ignition Casino. The company sold Bovada, which was the Poker network for US players, to Ignition in 2016. Bodog88 is mostly for the Chinese Poker players, while Ignition Casino serves American gamblers.

According to the latest announcement, Bodog’s Bovada Sports and Casino will be available in Mexico, while Bodog Poker, Casino, and Sports will be available in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela.drivehud poker hud

Bodog’s Poker network in new markets

Bodog’s Poker network in new markets will result in a vibrant activity in the Poker community. Players from the US, Canada, China, South America and Central America will now get a chance to play Poker online using a reliable platform. This development could shift the dynamics of online Poker and more people will flock to make money using their Poker skills. Latin America is a market with immense opportunities. It has remained almost untapped till now. There is a huge Poker talent in Latin American countries, but the market is devoid of reliable online Poker websites. Bodog will bring massive transformations with its latest initiatives in Latin American countries.

Bodog’s online Poker network is destined to experience a massive surge in traffic, which could make it one of the most famous online Poker websites in the world. According to online Poker traffic analytical website Poker Scout, the most famous Poker websites in terms of traffic are PokerStars, IDNPoker and 888Poker.

Bodog also said that it plans to tweak its Poker software to favor novice Poker players who come to this platform mainly for recreational needs. This business model is profitable as most of the amateur players who get a friendly and cozy environment on Poker websites in the start continue to stick to the platform and play for longer periods of time.


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